11th Gathering 2023

Dear relatives and friends, Forker, Forkert, Furker and Furkert
Even after 6 years, the 11th meeting was a complete success for us. Unfortunately, the meeting was canceled in 2020 because of Corona.
But here’s the most important thing: There will be a 12th meeting.
Wigand has taken over the presidency and Joachim is honorary chairman.
The minutes of our 11th meeting will appear here below,
first of all, what Anja Weber wrote in the SZ before our meeting.
Of course the obligatory photo of the participants follows.
Thanks to the organization and implementation of the meeting.

Lovely Your Wigand

Sächsische Zeitung v. 25.08.

in the “Erbgericht” Restaurant in Langenwolmsdorf on September 02nd, 2023
Management: Wigand Forker (Kirch-Goens) and Joachim Forker (Duesseldorf)
Organization: Monika and Wigand Forker (Kirch-Goens)
Speakers : Joachim Forker (Duesseldorf) and Wigand Forker (Kirch-Goens)
Church representative: Pastor Tom Seidl
Coaster: Sigrid Grützner
Cantor: Christine Seipold
Guests of honour: Maik Hirdina, Mayor of Stolpen, Jan Barowski, Mayor of Langenwolmsdorf, Romy Roch, historian of Stolpen
Guests Uwe Rosendahl (Brunswick) and Gunter Foerster (Hohnstein, OT Rathewalde)
Ralph Jatzke (Langenwolmsdorf)
Press SZ: Anja Weber
Entertainment: Magic Klaus, Klaus Badener (Heidenau)
Protocol: Wigand Forker (Kirch-Goens)
Invited family members dated April 10, 2023, 373, of which letter (239) and email (134)
– invited 318 people
– registered until August 31th, 2023 72 people
– absent excused 1
– absent without notification 17
– showed up unannounced 7 (+ showed up shortly and left again 2)
– total present 61 (in 2017 – 68, 7 less)

Program items and procedure
1. Program items and schedule evening meeting, Forker regulars’ table 01.09.23, from 6:00 p.m

The Forker regulars’ table in the Langenwolmsdorf inheritance court finally took place again after six years. After a long break, we were surprised at who was coming. As always, there were a lot of people… and as always there was a lot to talk about.

2. Forker family gathering september 2, 2023, 2:15 p.m. – 2:30 p.m
Church attendance – devotion

As early as 9:30 a.m., Joachim was curiously expecting the first friends and relatives who had questions about the family tree of Forker, Forkert, Furker and Furkert. The first to arrive were the Furker family with Renate and Ariane, then a Forkert family… it went on and on and Jochen felt confirmed in his element of genealogy research. Thank you very much for bringing your pedigrees with you. Joachim adds this information to our database.

At 2 p.m. sharp, Pastor Tom Seidel started the service in the church in Lawodo.

The sermon came from the Gospel according to Matthew, the prehistory: 1.1 – 2.23, and was about the family tree of Jesus. The Forker’s can also look back on a long family tree. The devotion ended with song 331 “Great God, we praise you” from the Protestant hymn book and the organist played her own piece at the end. Afterwards, Pastor Tom Seidel led the way to the ancestral table in the cemetery to commemorate our ancestors.

After a few short minutes of silence, Monika placed a beautiful bunch of sunflowers on the wall.

3. Obligatory family photo before entering the church grounds 2:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m

So far everything has gone according to plan. After remembering our ancestors, we went for the obligatory family photo. Thank you very much, Uwe, for the family photo together.

4. Welcome, lecture and coffee together and 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m

Wigand first welcomed everyone present and immediately handed the floor over to our new mayor of Stolpen Maik Hirdina. His welcoming speech was about families, which are the foundation of our society. Mr. Hirdina then made his speech available to us in German and English. These can be downloaded in the members area, please log in.

Next came our local mayor Jan Barowsky from Langenwolmsdorf with his welcoming speech. The municipal infrastructure of small towns like Langenwolmsdorf must be maintained. A family reunion or other events contribute to this.

Romy Roch, our historian from Langenwolmsdorf, then gave the welcome speech and said a few words to us. She reported a little about the 800th anniversary celebrations in Langenwolmsdorf from May 18th to 21st and advertised “We will plant again in the fall”.

Finally, Jochen gave the welcoming speech as president and honorary president.

He ceremonially handed over his position as President to the next generation, wearing the Farquhar tie.

Here is his entire speech, for which they couldn’t be there:

Dear members of the Forker, Forkert, Furker family association. Furkert!
Since we only meet every 3 years and, due to Corona, we will only see each other again after 6 years, we are meeting today to mark a turning point in the history of our association – the handover of the office of president. It is a special pleasure for me to stand before you and share these moving moments.
When I took over as president 30 years ago, I could not have imagined the profound experiences, challenges and uplifting moments of community that awaited me. During these 30 years, I have not only met extraordinary individuals, but also developed a connection to our association that has enriched my life. As of the 10th meeting in 2017, when I was given the honorary presidency, the presidential office was vacant, and Wigand had agreed to organize the 11th meeting. Today I am handing over the responsibility I have proudly borne to someone who will represent not only the office but also our family with sincere commitment and dedication. Wigand has proven himself to be a worthy bearer of this responsibility and I am convinced that he will honor our traditions and bring new ideas to lead our association into an even more successful future. However, I would not only like to welcome Wigand, but also the woman who accompanies him on this journey – Monika. We know that the office of president affects not only the incumbent, but also his family. Monika’s support and presence will undoubtedly make an important contribution to ensuring that this transition is successful. The strength of our association lies in the unity, commitment and shared vision that connects us all. I would like to sincerely thank you all for your support and trust, which have been essential to our successes. Today I not only hand over the office of President, but also a responsibility that has meant a lot to me. I trust that you will welcome Wigand and Monika with the same warmth that you gave me and give them your undivided support. May our association continue to flourish, grow and make the bonds of our family even closer. I thank you for everything we have achieved together and I look forward with pride to the continuation of our journey together.
Thank you.
As an external presidential symbol, I present Wigand with the original “Farquhar”. “

Wigand recently took over the welcoming speech from Joachim. He thanked us and went into a few organizational points.

So that Scottish friends can take part in the family gathering in the future, there should be a vote as to whether the family gathering can take place in mid-September. It was also about association work, which is very costly and time-consuming. The association relies on voluntary donations. On this day, 455 EUR were collected in the form of donations for the 12th Forker meeting in 3 years. If you would like to, you are of course welcome to donate or work for association work outside of the ordinary. Helpers are always welcome.

We continued with a travel report about Scotland by Monika and Wigand. Both traveled a good 1800 KM through Scotland and visited some beautiful places. Yes, Wigand took part in the Scottish Highland Games in Ballater and won a medal in the hill races in his age group. Oh, he came in 87th and last. Wigand also described the difference between an association and a clan. To the Farquharson Clan we are Forker == Farquhar a septe. In the context of Scottish clans, septs are families that followed the clan chief of another family or part of the extended family and have a different surname. These smaller septs would then be part of the Clan Chief’s larger clan. Unfortunately, Wigand ran a bit over his time.

Joachim did a little research to see if we were related to this clan. Unfortunately, as a result, there was currently only a single connection corresponding to a Robert Farquhar in Aberdeen.

Coffee drinking is in full swing. Between Wigand and the magician’s lecture, relatives and friends had the opportunity to ask Monika and Joachim any additions, changes of address and questions. Many people have actively used this.

5. Entertainment 6:00 p.m. – 6:45 p.m

Magic Klaus from Heidenau provided entertainment. Magic Klaus has enchanted everyone. But look for yourself, the pictures and videos say it all.

6. Conclusion

Wigand wished all participants a good time and the journey home and the wish to see each other here again in three years. The 11th Forker Family Meeting ended successfully and officially at 7:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, helping hands bring the exhibition materials into a ready-to-transport condition so that the work doesn’t have to be done on Sunday mornings.