Forkersberg in Polenz OT of Neustadt in Saxony

By the way, did you know that there is a mountain that bears our name, admittedly not a high one – a small mountain, but who has that and if you want to know where the mountain got its name from, then please read on below the picture!

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Forkersberg (393.6m) above Polenz or below Rückersdorf, north of the “old Bohemian glass route”.

FORKERSBERG The fields belonging to estate no. 88 in Polenz extend to the north via the Bohemian Glass Route (Stolpen – Neustadt) and via the parallel railway line (Stolpen – Neustadt) to the west, next to the 393.6 m high mountain to the east, which was named after the respective field owners of the estate 88, but now bears the name Forkersberg.
According to the current landowner, the land belonging to Gut 88 does not extend to the land known as Forkersberg.
There is no doubt about Gut 88, because the mountain was named after the respective owners.
Gut No. 88 (formerly No. 80) is located in Polenz on the right next to Dorfstraße (seen in the direction of the Polenzbach river) Today Polenzer Straße No. 117; 01844 Neustadt i. Sat district of Polenz; Owner Roland Barthel

The first owner of the estate around 1501 was Paul Glanz. See village chronicle Polenz.
2.) George Moller 1530
3.) Jacques Moller 1546
4.) Hans Moller from 1551 to 1579
5.) Mates picking and heirs from 1583 to 04/17/1612
6.) Urban Pluck from April 17, 1612 to March 10, 1636 son, purchase price 850 thalers.
Urban Pluck and Jacob Richter exchange their goods. Richter pays another 190 thalers to picking.
7.) Jacob Richter from March 10, 1636 to February 11, 1652 owner of estate no. 90
8.) George Schuster from February 11, 1652 to January 30, 1654 son-in-law, purchase price 400 thalers.
9.) George Schuster from January 30, 1654 to April 21, 1699 purchase price 550 thalers
i.e. juniors & heirs
10.) Christoph Schuster from April 21, 1699 to February 11, 1728 son, purchase price 400 Thaler
11.) Christoph Druhöl from February 11, 1728 to March 25, 1741 son-in-law, KP 300 Thaler
12.) Christian Truhöl from March 25, 1741 to February 6, 1781 only son, KP 425 Thaler and heirs

  1. Johann Gottlieb Truhöl from 02/06/1781 to 02/28/1791 youngest son, purchase price 450 Thaler
    63 years in Truhöl ownership
    14.) Johann Gottlieb Forker (#130) from February 28, 1791 to October 13, 1832 2nd son third child and heir
    he came from Langenwolmsdorf, KP 1,100 Thaler,
    15.) Johann Gottfried Forker (#354) from October 13, 1832 to October 6, 1868 KP 1,200 Thaler, new building 1839 youngest son
    16.) Ernst Friedrich Forker (#385) from October 6, 1868 to August 27, 1914 CP 10,000
    17.) Agnes Elisabeth Röber (#388) 08/27/1914 inherited as a daughter, née Forker.

Hence Druhinsberg until 1791 – (63 years) and after that since 1791 (Forkersberg – (123 years)

May, 7th 2003
After consulting
State Surveying Office Pirna
Castle Park 22
01796 Pirna
The maintenance and determination of local area designations such as Forkersberg is the responsibility of a state commission at the surveying offices under the influence of the local area topographer (in the Pirna surveying office) and the respective municipality.
Since these regional place names (in contrast to GDR times) are only important again after German unity in 1992, a new or renaming of the Forkersberg is not to be expected anytime soon. Lt. Mr. Ender (surveying office Pirna area topographer)