The time from Christmas to Easter flew by, crazy. As a student, I found time to be very slow, but as a quasi-retired person, time runs much faster. There isn’t much new to report right now. Jochen is eager to pursue further genetic research. In the meantime, a few more, younger haplogroups of “our” I-Y14605 have been found. First, Jochen will try to find out in individual tests which newer subgroups we could fit into, as we have almost reached the end.
You must have wondered why the website was difficult to access for a while. This had technical reasons and was triggered by the company Strato AG. We have now switched from the new host to an even newer host. Strato AG had driver problems with the older host, but didn’t want to admit it. Didn’t I mention in December that we moved our website? Oh well ….
Enough of the little “problems”… Jochen and I wish you a happy, sunny and happy Easter (the Sahara winds are clearly visible right now).

Lovely regards Wigand and Joachim
March, 30th 2024

Happy New Year 2024. We hope you had a good start to the new year. It’s finally done, our website has migrated to the new server in the fast 1Gbit backbone. We can also use the latest plug-ins again, which are now more secure in terms of programming.
The survey for the next Forker meeting is slowly starting. The 2nd week is currently very popular
We wish you a good start into the new year.

Lovely regards Wigand and Joachim
January, 24th 2024

It was a crazy year 2023 that we look back on, whether politically, economically, financially or even family-wise. We can slowly get in the mood for the coming holidays with the family. Jochen and I wish you a merry, healthy and peaceful Christmas and a happy new year 2024.

Lovely regards Wigand and Joachim
December, 21th 2023

I can still remember week before last when I wished you a happy 3rd Advent in yoga. Big eyes looked at me and I had to correct myself immediately. Because I meant December 3rd, 2023, the 1st Advent. I think it happened to many people. Because the simple rule of thumb is: The first Advent is always on the first Sunday after November 26th. For 2023, this means that the start of the pre-Christmas period falls on Sunday, December 3rd. Well… I forgot. It was the same way for the other yogis.

It is with great sadness that we have been informed by Clan Farquharson of the death of Joan Farquharson. She follows her husband Alistair (former Clan Chief, Laird of Invercauld over 100 years old), who died last July 2022. On behalf of the Family Association Forker, we expressed our condolences in the form of a letter and sent it to Joan’s family.

Joachim and I are taking a short break and will start working again in the new year. Stay healthy, despite the coming severe flu wave in our country. We wish you and family a happy and healthy 3rd Advent.

Lovely regards Wigand and Joachim
December, 11th 2023

Dear relatives and friends

There is a lot of follow-up work for Jochen and me to do, but also a lot of new things. The pedigrees must be incorporated into ProGen, the address changes, changes and new births must be entered into ProGen. The websites need to be updated. This is how we can offer you NEW on the website from today:

a.) take part in the survey:
b.) download the pictures from the last gathering (Gallery 11. Family reunion), german version only
c.) read or download the Mayor’s speech and download the Powerpoint presentation “The Spirit of Scotland” (download documents).

Except for the survey, you have to register as a member. After successful registration, Jochen or I will call you back briefly to make sure that it is you (proof of identity). We don’t want any data or images to be alienated on the Internet. Data security comes first, very important these days.

Why a poll? At the same time the Highland Games are taking place in Scotland. The invitations to the 11th Forker gathering also revealed that many book their vacation in the late season or that the frequency of birthdays is very high this month. But first and foremost it’s about our Scottish friends, whom we would like to welcome to Langenwolmsdorf. So vote on which September weekend is better for you.

Have fun with the new websites, yours Wigand and Joachim
September 25, 2023

Dear relatives and friends, dear Forker, Forkert, Furker and Furkert

First of all, Joachim and I would like to say thank you EVERYONE from the bottom of our hearts for coming again in such large numbers to the Forker Meeting. Regardless of whether you are registered or not. 6 years have passed since the last meeting, that’s a long time and we really didn’t know what to expect. We can only hope that the next Forker meetings can take place regularly every three years.

Thank you to Ms. Nestroy, the team and the cooking chefs, who once again had everything under control and serviced each and every one of us excellently.

We would especially like to say thank you to Mayor Maik Hirdina, who welcomed all Forker’s and gave the opening speech. Pointing out that families are the foundation of our society. He then provided us with his entire opening speech in German and English (for our Scottish friends). We will provide these in the next few days under the link:

Many thanks also go to our mayor Jan Barowsky. He gave his speech right after the mayor’s opening speech. Yes, we have to maintain the municipal infrastructure of small towns like Langenwolmsdorf! We contribute to this with our Forker Meeting and hopefully also in the future.

Romy Roch, our historian from Stolpen / Langenwolmsdorf, thank you for your work and the campaign started “In the fall we will plant again” – Please dear friends join us and buy a tree. At our next Forker meeting in Langenwolmsdorf it will be much greener than before.
What many probably didn’t realize was that during cleaning work at the Langenwolmsdorf cemetery, a gravestone from Romy Roch was found below our genealogical table and set up. Maybe someone knows this Forker (link to the picture follows later) and can tell us a little about him.

I also received a letter from the Siegrid family and Dieter Gruetzner (from Langenwolmsdorf) from Herrmann Forker (I will publish it in the members area, please don’t forget to register as a member) from Zittau to his cousin on September 18th, 1813. Many thanks for the trust, we will analyze it further and then report the results.

Ralph, thank you for collecting the donations for the next Forker meeting with your powerful voice and hat. Without donations it will be difficult to plan and organize the next meetings.

A lovely thank you goes to my wife, who had my back. Who helped me with the assembly and dismantling, the name tags had to be handed out, personal data recorded, etc.

Now to you dear Joachim. Saturday was way too short and I didn’t forget your speech. For more than 30 years you have conducted genealogical research on behalf of the Forker’s. Your dear wife Inge supported and accompanied you in the many church visits and in photographing the church books. You have acquired a very large fund of knowledge about the Forker’s. I strive to guard this treasure and to maintain and expand it for generations to come. I thank you all the more for expressing your confidence to the role of President, I gladly accept. I hope you stay with us as Honorary President for a long, long time, because I can’t acquire this knowledge overnight, it takes time.

Armin, I haven’t forgotten you either. While my father was still alive, the Executive Committee consisted of Hans-Georg, You, Joachim and my father. I think you are now one of our oldest and you had a lot to tell us. You too will stay with us for many years….

Now I almost forgot. For a long time it was not clear who will be Pastor Heurich’s successor in Langenwolmsdorf. We are all the more pleased that Pastor Tom Seidel held the prayer and a few words to our ancestors. Thank you very much, also for your speech about the genealogical tree. Many thanks also to the organist who accompanied us during our singing and played an additional piece especially for us.

What’s next?

In the coming days we will again provide a summary of the 11th Forker Meeting with video and pictures at

As announced at the meeting, we would like to postpone the Forker meeting by a week or two in the future. We will start a survey for this in the next few days. Main reason, many members are on holiday at this time, it’s their birthday and the last Highland Games will be held in Braemar in the 1st week of September. We want to give our Scottish friends the opportunity to attend the Forker meetings as well. This applies in particular to the Clan Farquharson UK, with whom we as Septs are in contact.

On request, we have to prepare the pedigree charts. We will also inform you later HOW the process of the request should take place.

That’s it for now. Joachim and I wish you a nice start into the week and say in Scottish….

Tìoraidh an-dràsta (Bye) see you in 3 years for the next meeting..

Lovely regards Wigand and Joachim
September, 4th 2023

Obituary for Friedrich Forkert
(* August 14th, 1936, +May 13th, 2023)

Dear relatives and friends

Except for Corpus Christi, we hope you were able to spend and enjoy all the holidays in May and June with your loved ones or on vacation.

Our forker meeting in early September is getting closer by the day. Currently 38 people have registered and 213 people are still deciding to come or not. We sent out 96 e-mails and 218 letters of invitation. Unfortunately, there were many returned emails because either the email addresses were outdated or the email accounts were blocked. In order to save postage costs for everyone, we thought that in the future we would only send invitations by email. We will think about this again for the next planning.

Many have already noticed that we are in very nice written contact with the Farquharson UK association. Through Jochen’s analysis, however, we are gradually realizing that there is currently only this proven connection via Robert Farquhar b.1803 Lumphanan, Aberdeen to us in Scotland. If you look on the Clan Farquharson UK website at, you will find our surname there at 47 with others, so-called “Septs”/Septe.

Perhaps briefly mentioned, Septs / Síol is a Gaelic word meaning “descendants” or “seeds” used in the context of a family or clan with members sharing the same surname and inhabiting the same area. Each of these individual septs can further subdivide into further septs, sometimes leading to the development of novel surnames and/or family advancement. Such septs were common in Scotland, where the clan system was well developed.

In August 2023 the Ballater Games (near Braemar) will take place again from August 8th to 11th. We embark on a 14 day trip to the Highlands from August 5th – August 19th. Following a kind invitation from the Farquharson Clan, we will attend these festivities and then report back to you at our Forker Meeting in early September. If you would like to read our letter to the Farquharson Clan, you can find it here at this link on the Farquharson main page.

Obituary for Alfred Forker
(* November 10th, 1936, +December 12th, 2021)

With sad hearts we note that Alfred Forker (* November 10th, 1936, + December 12th, 2021)
passed away during the pandemic. Alfred was a friend of our family association. We extend our belated condolences to the family.

Obituary for Werner Forker
(* April 21st, 1928, +June 3rd, 2021)

With sad hearts we note that Werner Forker (* April 21st, 1928, +June 3rd, 2021)
passed away during the pandemic. Werner was a friend of our family association. We extend our belated condolences to the family.

Dear relatives and friends

The serial letters for the invitation have just been printed. Now it’s the turn of the e-mail serial letters. We hope to be able to send these out before Easter. So we wish you and your family a happy, peaceful, sunny and hopefully warm Easter 2023.

Your Wigand and Joachim
April, 6th 2023

Dear relatives and friends

Dear friends, a lot has happened in the last few days. First of all, the dates for the Forker meeting had to be coordinated with the people involved in Langenwolmsdorf. Another language has been added to our website, now also in ENGLISH (Scottish friends). To do this, the graphics had to be rewritten in English, thanks Jochen. The invitation has been written and we have published it on the website since today. All e-mail addresses known to me will be invited. All e-mail addresses not known to me will receive a written invitation.

We are currently in contact with the Clan Farquharson UK in Scotland. To do this, we should provide an article for the Farquharson website, done. This gives a little insight into our association work. We are also in the process of signing up for the Scotland/Braemar festival weeks. We are at the menu selection. If you are interested in going to Scotland, please send me an email or a phone call (see imprint).

Your Wigand and Joachim
April, 2nd 2023

Dear relatives and friends

This year has passed so quickly and in just a few days the Christ Child will be at the door. We wish you a Merry Christmas and cozy hours with your dear family. Forget the stress of everyday life and spend the holidays in peace.

Merry Christmas wish you ….
Your Wigand and Joachim
December, 19th 2022

Dear relatives and friends

Langenwolmsdorf will be 800 years old in May 2023 next year. For this reason, the organizational team recently wrote to us asking whether we would like to take part in this event with our family association. Of course we are very interested in participating as a family association and are currently in the process of obtaining more information. We will keep you up to date under this heading.

In 2023 there will finally be a FORKER meeting in September, to coincide with 800 years of Langenwolmsdorf. The simplification of the pandemic restrictions by the federal government with the transfer of responsibility and implementation to the respective federal state allows us to plan and carry out the FORKER meeting without “UNKNOWN variables”. Our planning team will meet again for the first time in mid-December.

Your Wigand and Joachim
November, 6th 2022

Dear relatives and friends – No 11th Forker Family Reunion 2022 …

until the last moment we hoped that the forker meeting could take place this year in September 2022. Unfortunately we have to cancel the planning preparations and postpone the Forker meeting to next year 2023. It started with the fact that the hall in Langenwolmsdorf/Erbgericht was canceled at the beginning of May. The Corona fear among restaurateurs and hoteliers is still in the bones of many. Nobody knows what the measures taken by the federal government will look like at the end of August/beginning of September 2022. We also have to consider that the RKI value nationwide is still over 439 today.

Our dear Mrs. Nestroy / Langenwolmsdorf inheritance court could not keep us the appointment with the question of what happens when the federal government or state of Saxony introduces 2G Plus – 3G again? The number of people be limited? Are minimum distances to be observed?

If we were to cancel the reservation at short notice, it would be a great loss for Ms. Nestroy. We also looked around and asked around, unfortunately similar statements came up.

So the only way out was to cancel the planning preparations and hope that there will finally be a forker meeting next year 2023.

Joachim and I thought, how can we sweeten the waiting time for you until then? Because we don’t want to be restricted by Corona. We will update the website and make it more dynamic. Means offering more activity on the website, e.g. making your own query about the ancestors, informing about news etc. We will now intensify our time to make it possible for you as soon as possible.

We are all going through hard times, first the pandemic, then the war in Ukraine, price hikes… what else is to come?

Hoping to finally have a forker meeting in 2023, we wish you a nice sunny time until then and stay healthy.

Your Wigand and Joachim
May, 16th 2022

Dear relatives and friends

Preparations for the 11th Forker Family Reunion are in full swing. Let’s hope there won’t be any new surprises this year.

So we wish you and your family a happy, blessed and healthy Easter 2022.


Your Wigand and Joachim
April, 17th 2022

Dear relatives and friends

We have been waiting for the decision of the Bundestag on March 18, 2022 to change the Infection Protection Act (IfSG). Unfortunately, there are transitional regulations in the respective federal states until April 1st, 2022. The RKI numbers are very high, especially in the eastern federal states. Therefore, Jochen and I thought back and forth for a long time and started planning for a forker meeting in early September 2022. Hopefully the federal government won’t put a spanner in the works for us again. Keep your fingers crossed.

Your Wigand and Joachim
March 03rd 2022

Best wishes for your 90th birthday

“90 years full of momentum
kept you young in spirit
Today you are in our midst
and celebrate according to old custom,
birthday with all loved ones,
it has stayed the same over the years.”

We wish you all the best and happy 90th birthday.

Dear relatives and friends

Even in the Middle Ages people made noise with everything they had: pots, rattles, drums and trumpets. Church bells were also allowed to ring and shots were fired. All the noise had only one purpose: to drive away evil spirits – a concern from pagan times. We were amazed how many people followed this custom despite the ban.

We wish you and your family a happy new year 2022!

Your Wigand and Joachim
January, 1st 2022

Dear relatives and friends

… and the Christ Child is already at the door… Isn’t that the irony of fate, we meet the wife of a United Airline pilot from Texas at the Frankfurt Christmas market (my father was also a pilot). She actually wanted to spend the weekend in the city of Munich and at the Christmas market. Unfortunately, this did not take place this year. So she had to switch to the Frankfurt Christmas market. It was a very nice evening in a small group, with mulled wine and fried fish. Maybe you had such a nice experience.

We would like to wish you and your family a peaceful and healthy Christmas….

Your Wigand and Joachim
December, 24th 2021

Dear relatives and friends

now the 4th Advent is just around the corner. We thought we would have our usual everyday environment again with the 2nd vaccination, but far from it and even worse than before!

We’ve been thinking about Forker meetings next year 2022 and are completely undecided to let it happen. The trend tends towards not taking place. There are 8 more letters in the Greek alphabet from omicron to omega, and thus certainly more CORONA waves. Then whether we have 1G, 2G Plus, 2G or 3G only makes things worse.

But let’s leave it. We wish you a 7G: stay HEALTHY, stay HAPPY, stay PATIENT, be LOVED, be GENAIL, be FAIR and GOOD…. Have a nice 4th Advent.

Your Wigand and Joachim
December, 18th 2021

Dear relatives and friends

Spring is arriving late and summer is just around the corner. We’ve had cold days so far and we hope you were able to enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with your loved ones despite the sun and cold. The CORONA numbers are also going down more and more, as we are now below an RKI of 100 nationwide. Hopefully this will return a little normality to our lives.

So we would like to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful, sunny and healthy Pentecost festival.

Your Wigand and Joachim
May, 11th 2021

Dear relatives and friends

With a heavy heart we have to postpone the family reunion for this year. The mutants of Corona have us firmly under control and just won’t let go. We will now prepare and plan the family reunion for 2022.

Despite this bad news, we would like to wish you a happy, blessed and happy Easter 2021, stay healthy.

Your Wigand and Joachim
April, 2nd 2021


Dear relatives and friends

We wish you and your family a lot of success, harmony, health, hope and a hand that holds you tight for the new year 2021.

Surely you have asked yourselves between the years whether there will be any more Forker family reunions at all. We can reassure you, yes there will be more family reunions. It is planned for this year, but if the Corona trend continues to develop upwards by Easter, this alternative date could also burst. Please consider that planning and organizing a meeting always involves a lot of preparation time.

The Scots performed a very nice choreography with drones in three parts from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s this year. If you are interested, you can watch them on YouTube using the three links here:

So all we can say is keep your ears stiff and stay healthy.

Your Wigand & Joachim
January, 1st 2021

Dear relatives and friends

technology played tricks on us between the years and the web pages could not be edited. Unfortunately, the corona virus will keep us busy until next year. Nevertheless, we would like to wish you a merry, peaceful and healthy Christmas.

Your Wigand & Joachim
December, 24th 2020

Dear relatives and friends

Unfortunately, the corona virus thwarted our plans at this year’s planned Forker family reunion. Unfortunately, with a heavy heart, we have to postpone the family reunion until next year. We thought for a long time whether we should let it take place in a smaller circle or not. We had extended the registration date again to June 30th, 2020. Well, out of over 200 invitations, only 17 accepted. That was a clear announcement that we understand because of Corona.

This year we had a lot of work to do in the preparation time, switching to a new domain, adjustments and additions to/in the database. After all, we want to go with the digital age.

We would like to be able to send the invitations via email / Facebook and Whatsapp as a goal in the future. Unfortunately, we don’t have the necessary e-mail addresses for many of them. It would be very nice if you would send them to us by the end of this year.

We will announce here in good time when the new Forker family reunion will take place next year.

The holiday season will soon begin, so we wish you a relaxing holiday, stay healthy and let’s hope to catch up on our family reunion next year.

Your Wigand & Joachim
July, 3rd 2020

All our relatives and friends,

Wigand & Joachim
December, 22nd 2019

Dear relatives and friends,

Yes, we have decided to plan the 11th Forker Meeting and are in the planning phase. Joachim has already given us the necessary knowledge. There is already an appointment, September 5th, 2020 in Langenwolmsdorf/Erbgericht (known place). Keep this date “warm” in your calendars. The invitations are still being processed.

Wigand & Joachim
September, 09th 2019

Obituary for Jürgen Forker
(* June 21, 1946, +October 25, 2018)

It is with sad hearts that we note that Jürgen Forker (06/21/1946 – 10/25/2018)

has died. Jürgen was always a generous friend of our family association.

We will keep him an honorable memory.

Dear relatives and friends,

After our 10th anniversary family reunion is some time behind us, it was very successful from today’s perspective. Did we finally manage to pass the baton on? You have witnessed that from our midst Wigand and Ms. Monika spontaneously decided to take the fate of the family association into their own hands with immediate effect. This ensures a smooth transition and secures the future of the association. So that there are more meetings and someone takes care of the needs of our family association. I would like to thank Marion once again on behalf of all family members for the work she has done in conducting the past meetings.

Whilst I note that I remain involved in kinship research and continue to focus on DNA research.

Your Joachim May, 22nd 2018

All relatives and friends,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

wish your Joachim                                                                                                    December, 12nd 2017

Dear relatives and friends,

just over 3 months and we will meet for our 10th anniversary family meeting Forker/t – Furker/t. So that we can prepare accordingly for our meeting, it is important for us to know by the end of May who would like to take part. If any of you have not announced your participation yet, please let us know immediately. By email or call is enough.

Unfortunately, some invitations came back with the note “moved unknown”. Please feel invited anyway and let us know that you are coming.
Yours Marion and Joachim June, 28th 2017

Dear relatives and friends,

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all.

For the “New Year” we wish you health, happiness and success.

At the beginning of the New Year we will receive invitations for our

10th Anniversary Family Reunion broadcast.

Date: September 2nd in Stolpen OT Langenwolmsdorf

If one of you does not receive an invitation (because I do not know all addresses)

she/he is welcome to contact me.

Your Joachim                                                                                                December, 22nd 2016

Some freshly printed Forker family brochures have returned from an estate.

If necessary, please report. “Unfortunately already sold out!” 05.08.2016

Your Joachim July, 07th 2016

Addendum to the minutes of the 9th meeting 2014

At the end of the meeting, at the request of some participants, we jointly voted to address each other by first names and you!

Your Joachim May, 16th 2016

Page redesigned with WordPress and added some new information.

Your Joachim April, 10th 2016

Obituary for Klaus Forker
(* March 05, 1936 in Berlin, +March 25, 2016 in Lohmar)

It is with deep sadness that we announce that our board member Klaus Forker passed away on March 25th succumbed to his severe illness a few days after his 80th birthday.
With him we lose a friend who cared for us for more than three decades family association work very selflessly, in particular as secretary.
Through his deliberate efforts to constantly bring together and communicate of our members, he has promoted the preservation of our family association.
The data-collecting and organizing records were particularly suited to him.
His work was also directed towards the design and organization of the annual meetings.
His advice also from his life experience, which shaped him as a personality we were always happy to accept.
We will miss Klaus Forker very much for many reasons.
His relatives, especially his wife Waltrud and his children
We express our condolences, sympathy and sadness.
We will keep our board member Klaus Forker in honorable memory.

Dusseldorf, March, 31st 2016 Joachim Forker Armin Forker

The family association forker

wishes to all its members and friends
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016,
good luck, health and all the best!

Dear friend,

After some deliberation, I decided to go to Facebook from now on
are to be found.
Families – Association – Forker
Or: On the “Home” page, click on the button inserted at the top left (Follow us on Facebook).
Everything is still under construction, good things take time.
Take a look around and join our group!
Your Joachim November, 12nd 2015

Dear friend,

I’ve had a thought for a long time, there’s still time, but you shouldn’t put off your plans for too long.
I’m already running out of time, it’s supposed to be something unique!!
Our next family reunion it will be early September 2017, the 10th anniversary reunion.

To do this, I have a social network in mind (possibly Face Book [most used-most hated]), in short, a forum where everyone can meet
to meet our family members.
With the help of this forum I would like to make our family ties even closer and achieve this for everyone,
FORKER – FORKERT – FURKER and FURKERT are informed about the upcoming date and can prepare for it in good time.
However, I still lack the courage to do so because of the completely inadequate data protection and, above all, because of the loss of rights
to the information and images we have provided.

(Done, recognized in the meantime, not properly informed.) I would be happy if someone from our ranks with experience would contact me and give me a few pointers on how to proceed.
Up until now it has mainly been the older generation that has met, I would like to transfer the idea of family to the younger generation.
Especially since our name has only a manageable number of namesakes. Around 500 bearers of the name are easily manageable.
Or should we open a closed mailing list for namesakes, on the other hand I have our guest book and its entries
removed from our homepage because it has obviously become obsolete.

Your Joachim                   October, 26th 2015

Family Association honors Secretary General!

On March 22, 2007, our Honorary President Hans-Georg, who preserved the legacy of his grandfather Georg Julius Paul,
passed away at the age of 91. Since then – that is, for seven years – this honorary presidency of our family association has been vacant.
On the occasion of the 9th meeting, the oldest members of the family association took the opportunity and made every effort to gathered together to duly honor their Joachim.
Joachim Forker received the honorary president’s chain from the hands of Hans-Georg’s wife Renate, now engraved with his insignia and is to be the “Honorary President” of the family association from now on, see the minutes of the 2014 family meeting.
JF September, 13rd 2014

Klaus Forker, Prof. Dr. Armin Forker, Renate Forker, Joachim Forker
Foto: Uwe Rosendahl

Dear bearer of the name Forker/t, Furker/t, in Near, Far or Overseas,

If you have not yet received our invitation to this year’s family reunion,
because we don’t know her address. Or our invitation came back because you last met
have long since moved.
So please look on our HP under “Family Meetings”
JF February, 24th 2014

Dear family members,

dated May, 05th 2012, I reported that I had undergone a Y-DNA test and the reference to my
Happlogroup, as well as the origin of my earliest ancestors (see below). In the meantime, 3 other members have joined of our family association subjected to this test. Fortunately, the results were almost the same.
Two are haplogroup I2a, one is I2a2b and the fourth is close to the “FARQUHARS” with R1b1a2.

R1b1a2= Primitive people: Celts, Teutons– Region of Origin: Western Europe
I2a/2b= Primitive people: Teutons– Region of origin: Northwest/Central Europe

Further family connections must be searched for in the databases of the happlogroups, at IGENEA, or oneself.
However, most of the similarities are found in our happlogroups, with people from all over the world,
whose earliest ancestors also come from the northern British Isles. This further strengthens our assumption that that Forkers are descendants of people with roots in Scotland, or it becomes a certainty.
JF October, 10th 2013

Good news, next meeting organization secured!
dear family members,

special thanks already go to our wife Marion Forker-Hollitzer, she has agreed to the next one
To organize and carry out a family reunion in 2014, under my direction, in Langenwolmsdorf.
In order to keep the effort low, written invitations are only sent to participants of past meetings
shipped. For the other family members, the invitation will be sent in good time, here on our website
JF October, 10th 2012

Dear family members,

I reported about it during the last meeting in Langenwolmsdorf (see minutes, item 6). to pursue our research hypothesis further and with the help of a genetic analysis the crucial proof that our early roots are in Scotland (then known as Ireland).
The genetic test that has now been carried out at IGENEA was firstly intended to show whether my early ancestors were actually come from Scotland and, secondly, in a “surname project” provide evidence to what extent “The Forkers” are actually related to each other.
Since the number of incoming orders at IGENEA increased sharply at Christmas, I had to be on my own for a few months wait for result. So my curiosity was mighty tense. I would like to spare you that here.
The result of my origin analysis, which is early male ancestors, British Isles.
This means Ireland, Scotland, but also Wales and the Isle of Man.
In the USA, 6 men (names Forker) have already signed up with the original Scottish spelling FARQUHAR
subjected to a joint GEN test and already created a surname project FARQUHAR/FORKER, to prove their relationship. So that we can join this test.
A closer connection to the already tested FARQHAR has not yet emerged, but also between them
6 men showed no closer relationship.
Their early ancestors essentially come from two regions (haplogroups).
In order to find out whether there is a relationship between us, a cheap one is enough
Y-DNA 12 marker test.
You can find out about your maternal ancestors with an mt-DNA test. See in order to further solidify the above statements, it makes sense for other family members to join
Undergo Y-DNA testing to provide further evidence that Forkers are descendants of people with roots in Scotland. For more information on the matter, please contact me.
Joachim Forker May, 10th 2012

Dear family members,

the statement of the word reproduced here in the SZ still stands: “We will meet again in three years”,
but at the same time the question remains who organizes it?
We are looking for an organizer from the greater Dresden area for our next meeting.
Please contact me!

Based on the research results of the last few years, which several namesake Forkert, Furker and Furkert also have their roots around Stolpen, we are expanding ours Invitations also to these family members.

The family association Forker

wishes to all its members and friends
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011,
good luck, health and all the best!

February, 10th 2008: The minutes of the 7th Forker Meeting of August 30, 2008 are online!
“Later but still” see family reunion.

– Obituary –

We were deeply saddened to learn that the

Honorary President of our family association, Mr. Hans-Georg Forker,

died suddenly on March, 22nd at the age of 92.
He was the formative center in our family association, and he will leave a lasting gap.
Hans-Georg carefully supervised the results of the family research begun by his grandfather (the founder of our family association G.J. Paul Forker 1855-1943) in Dresden and maintained by his father and selflessly made them available to the association. Through him, our family research received a secure foundation on which we could continue to build.
As the keeper of our family coat of arms, he is closely linked to the history of our family research.
Hans-Georg has always helped shape the maintenance of tradition and all work in the family association, new research results and their presentation as well as each of our family meetings in Langenwolmsdorf near Stolpen in Saxony.
We owe him not only the material-historical basis, but also diverse suggestions and initiatives. Until his last days, he was very committed to continuing the association’s work. The preparation of the next Langenwolmsdorf meeting in 2008 was particularly important to him. He was supported in everything by his wife Renate, to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude.
Our family association assures Ms. Renate and the relatives that we are honoring our deceased

Honorary President Mr. Hans-Georg Forker,

will always keep an honorable memory and will continue the work in the FORKER family association in his spirit.

Klaus Forker Joachim Forker Prof. Dr. Armin Forker

April 2007

Spring 2007 – 80 years of family research Forkers –

Just this year marks 80 years, in which 4 generations have continuously endeavored to research the ramifications and origins of the Forker family.
In 1927 Paul had J. Forker, the founder of our association, began to identify his ancestors and their children’s children. Today his grandson, Hans-Georg Forker, is our honorary president. But he, too, has now passed on the current research.
I think there is enough reason to look around for what has been achieved: A family whose roots are documented down to the finest fibers, but of which the large branches and twigs are also known except for a few leaves. All of this is recorded and documented in a brochure. A family that meets every 3 years at the birthplace of their forefathers and is aware of this tradition.
Family research probably never comes to an end, especially when there are always successes, as was the case recently when we were able to identify a Forker family who emigrated to Australia, with whom we are now also in contact.
That is why what we have achieved remains an incentive for us to continue to find and classify the undiscovered.

Spring 2006 – family association honors its first chairman –

Laudatory speech held by Secretary General Joachim Forker to honor Hans-Georg Forker on the occasion of his 90th birthday in the “Alte Post” restaurant in Odenthal.

Dear, dear Hans-Georg, dear guests,
Allow me, as General Secretary of the Forker Family Association, to say a few words: On behalf of the Board of Directors of our Forker Family Association, we would like to give our anniversary honoree a special birthday.
In recognition and appreciation of your outstanding services to our family and as the keeper of our family coat of arms, we award you, as 1st Chairman and tribal elder, the dignity of “Honorary President” of our family association.
We document this with this certificate of honour, which our board member Klaus Forker from Lohmar is holding in his hands for you. As a further outward sign, we present you with this silver honorary president’s chain, which is in the tradition of your grandfather. Our board member Prof. Armin Forker from Leipzig refers to the engraving in the first right chain medallion in memory of your grandfather Paul Julius Forker, who began our family research 80 years ago. Our family crest is engraved on the lower plate of this necklace. Our family can look back on almost 500 years of history in Germany.
A Bishop of Meissen probably settled Scottish immigrants in his East Saxon dominions in the 15th century.
These, dear Hans-Georg, are our common ancestors. We hope that you will wear this necklace for quite a long time and often in the best of health and from now on also at all meetings of our family association.
Dear Hans-Georg, on behalf of the Forker Family Association, our warmest congratulations!

Prof. Dr. Armin Forker, Hans-Georg Forker, Klaus Forker, Joachim Forker
Foto: Daniela Schaffler