The Name Forker

– and its variations –

According to the sources known to us so far, the name Forker derives from the old Scottish name Farquhar, which is documented in Scotland from 1221. Said to be the Anglicized form of Irish O’Gabhleigh, it was ultimately formed from the Gaelic word “gablach was forked”.

Based on the spelling of the name Forker found in the church register of Langenwolmsdorf in Saxony, we assume that the name there is also derived directly from the Scottish name Farquhar, because it is known that as early as the 15th century 35,000 Scots worked as small traders (pedlars) in Poland, Silesia and Bohemia lived.

Today the name Forker can also be found in its variants (Forkert, Furker and Furkert) starting from Scotland / Ireland via England and Germany in North and South America, as well as in Canada and Australia.

As far as we know, American forkers are partly descended directly from Scottish Farquhar or from English forkers or from German forkers, see also: where from