Family Crest Forker and Ensign

– Description and leadership authorization –

Entitled descendants bear the Forker family coat of arms of the founder Julius Paul Forker, registered in the German Coat of Arms Register and the Saxon Foundation for Family Research, today with the German Herold in Berlin.

Founders – Authorized Managers – Allocation modalities – What does the Coat of Arms say:

As the culmination of his 12 years of research activity, chairman J. Paul Forker donated the “Forker” family coat of arms on April 20, 1939, which was registered with the Saxon Foundation for Family Research and in the German Coat of Arms Register (No. 3004/39), but not yet published is. The family association, represented by the chairman, reserved the express right to issue the coat of arms.

Only those who were born Forker, their wives who were born Forker and their children from the first generation had a legal right to use the coat of arms, but all of them had to be members of the family association. The entitled group of people received the coat of arms on application for a fee of three Reichsmarks. The right to guide was confirmed on the back.

Note: With the revival of family research activities / family reunions from October 1985, it became necessary to redefine regulations for the right to use the coat of arms. In accordance with the traditional principle and our expanded knowledge (Forker and Forkert in Langenwolmsdorf, in the neighboring villages Furker and Furkert, always from the same families, “written as heard” – adopted), that only a clearly defined group of people can be considered since July, 2nd 1993 the following:

  1. The “Forker” family coat of arms may be used by: – all living descendants of the male line, of both sexes, of the farmer Johann Georg Paul Forker (1746 – 1806) from Langenwolmsdorf;
  2. all persons who received information from Paul Gustav Julius Forker (1855 – 1943) or Prof. Dr. phil. Ernst Georg Forker (1880 – 1964) can produce a written document;
  3. Persons who were authorized in writing by the grandson of the founder – Johannes(Hans)Georg Paul Forker (born 1916).
  4. All Forker / Forkert, Furker / Furkert whose ancestors can be proven to have come from the Stolpen area.
  5. The Heralds Committee and others are not authorized to grant authority to bear the Coat of Arms.
  6. The family association, represented by the chairman, also reserves the express right to issue coats of arms.

Forker family coat of arms, according to heraldic color symbolism, or what our family coat of arms says! 1936 Designed by heraldist P.Hefemann in Dresden.

  1. Helmzier: blue = fame, honor, sincerity, loyalty and constancy.
  2. Helmet jewel: (with personality mark) ploughshare and dagger. (peasant and soldier)
  3. Helmet cover: Blue on the outside = glory, honor, sincerity, loyalty and consistency Yellow on the inside = glory, prestige, majesty, dignity, wealth.
  4. Stechhelm: Helmet type of bourgeois coat of arms (German stechhelm for jousting tournaments).
  5. Helmet crown: knitted fabric (no crown of rank) helmet bulge.
  6. Shield: with common figures (no talking coat of arms, a bunch of ears of corn and a dagger crossed on it).

Reference: From “Family Research and Heraldry” by Peter Bahn Niedernhausen / Ts., Falken Verlag 1990.

Forker flag