About Us

– Who are we? –

The Forker family association is an association of around 1700 Forker, Forkert and Furker, Furkert living in Germany, who meet every 3 years in 01833 Stolpen, OT Langenwolmsdorf, east of Dresden in Saxony.

Langenwolmsdorf and the immediate vicinity are the place of origin of the family members living in Germany.

With around 600 Forker offspring worldwide, the Forker family association is one of the smaller family associations in Germany.

The association has an archive with the genealogy of most German Forker-Forkert-Furker and Furkert, over 16 generations back to 1470. So far, about 7500 descendants have been identified. Especially in Germany, but also in the USA, Australia and Uruguay.

The founder of the family association

G.J. Paul Forker (1855-1943)

From 1926 he created the first comprehensive family tree of descendants with the name Forker and he is the grandfather of Hans-Georg Forker (1916-2007), our honorary president from 2006 – 2007.